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PROMERC Dissemination event and workshop at 23 February 2016

Background Piracy has re-emerged as a global security threat. The Suez Canal and Gulf of Aden provide Europe’s key trade route to the Middle East, India and the Far East.... Read more

Piracy and decision support tools

Piracy has re-emerged as a global security threat which, in the short-term, can only be tackled through the innovation of adequate, cost effective solutions to protect seafarers and merchant shipping.... Read more

PROMERC Manual of Non-lethal Counter Piracy Measures

How can ship owners evaluate the introduction or application of counter piracy measure in their vessels? Different criteria should be taken into account. Counter Piracy Measure Manual can help them... Read more

Manoeuvre advice for merchant vessels to counter piracy threats

PROMERC (Protection Measures for Merchant Ships) has been funded by the European Union to provide a layered approach to planning, routeing and threat reduction. PROMERC has applied naval and military... Read more

PROMERC Project Overview by partner WMU

PROMERC Project overview by Prof. Dr. Aref Fakhry (World Maritime University, Malmö) on “Protection Measures for Merchant Ships” (PROMERC) at the International Conference “Maritime Security and Offshore Activities: Legal Aspects”... Read more


In the eleventh issue of the NMIOTC Journal (the second issue of 2015) an article has been published about the PROMERC project. The article is about “Piracy and Armed Robbery... Read more

PROMERC Counter Measure Manoeuvres

There are four counter measure manoeuvres identified in the PROMERC project against suspect vessels and pirates: Avoid being detected Step aside High speed escape Delay boarding The onboard Tactical Decision... Read more

Comparison between PROMERC / IPATCH Counter Piracy Measures

Accepting the directive of the European Commission, that encourages the collaboration between research projects funded in the same call, cooperation between PROMERC and IPATCH projects has been promoted. IPATCH (Intelligent... Read more

Progress Workpackage ‘Development of tools’

The objective of the PROMERC work package entitled ‘Development of tools’ is to create : a prototype software tool to provide dynamic situation sensitive advice and guidance to the bridge... Read more

The second PROMERC newsletter

The second PROMERC newsletter has been published. It appoints the following topics: Development of tools for PROMERC The PROMERC/IPATCH joint workshop PROMERC Counter Measure Manoeuvres To read the whole newsletter,... Read more