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Counter Piracy Training Competencies Model

Competencies is a study that tries to identify and set the relevant associated factors for maritime professionals to perform above a specific status / level during the protection of merchant vessels in high risk / counter piracy operations. Maritime professionals need to have specific competencies in order to accomplish their mission efficiently and effectively, which in other words is eventually the success of the protection of their merchant vessel transiting through a high risk area.

Without a minimum required training status the mission is precarious and the level of risk is being elevated to an absolute maximum. Furthermore training lessens the cost associated with counter piracy operations taking into account that trained people minimize the use of costly counter measures.

A multidisciplinary analysis has been performed in order to measure the available effectiveness levels and produce quantifiable indexes. Indexes create a minimum and/or maximum level of competence that a maritime professional should perform before his/her participation into a counter piracy operation / passage with the ship from a counter piracy related region. Finally a training competence model has been proposed. It is important also to note that the study covers all related personnel with a counter piracy mission, which is officers and crew on board a merchant vessel and back office associated personnel.

This work will be presented at TRANSNAV 2015.

G. Mantzouris & N. Nikitakos
University of the Aegean, Department of Shipping Trade and Transport, Chios, Greece