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DeSRA 2016 Conference

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Date(s) - 26/06/2016 - 28/06/2016
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The environment is a major operational constraint in the maritime domain. The effectiveness of operations requires understanding the environment as a whole, including:

  • Physical factors, such as the meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) conditions, that determine when and where resources/assets can efficiently run operations.
  • Social/economical/political factors, such as the border activity, ecological and industrial pressure, amount of vessel traffic or fishing activity through an area of interest, that constrain how resources/assets can efficiently run operations.

NATO STO CMRE is hosting the DeSRA 2016 Conference to discuss these factors and their impact on civilian and military operations and infrastructures, in ports and near-shore (shallow waters) or at open sea/ocean (deep waters). These impacts could be described through Risk Analysis and included in the Decision-Making process along with other relevant criteria for mission optimization. For this purpose, the DeSRA 2016 Conference will bring together scientists, operators and subject matter experts (SMEs) on scientific and operational topics such as environmental prediction and risk analysis/assessment strategies, which would potentially lead to inputs into the NATO Recognized Environmental Picture (REP), Environmental Functional Services (EnvFS) and other potential Decision Support frameworks. Topic discussions will include information representation, visualization and communication, and approaches for validation and verification (V&V) of the proposed solutions.

Military and civilian personnel, researchers and industry developers working on any of these areas or related fields are welcome to participate.

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