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Layered Defence

PROMERC will provide a layered approach to planning, routeing & threat reduction. This concept forms part of military doctrine. In the context of protecting merchant ships this encompasses a holistic approach which includes all of the elements identified in Figure 1.

The concept is to provide interlocking tools which will enable informed decisions and an improved choice of counter measures in order to avoid, deter and defeat piracy. The tools will support a mix of active and passive measures which are appropriate to the situation and the threat.


Figure 1: A Holistic layered approach to self-defence combining passive and active counter-measures

Key features of the concept include the fact that the aforementioned tools are Web based or semi-autonomous, a risk based approach is taken applying rigorous analysis, customer centric tailored data services will be made available and a highly automated expert system is at the core of the tools.

Benefits of the concept are multiple: risk of piracy is reduced, cost of re-routeing is minimised, satellite vessel tracking and continuous updates are provided to the Company Security Officer (CSO) and Master en route, piracy risk is quantified to aid decision making, planning and routeing interlock with hardware options to provide layered defence and risk mitigation.