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Manoeuvre advice for merchant vessels to counter piracy threats

PROMERC (Protection Measures for Merchant Ships) has been funded by the European Union to provide a layered approach to planning, routeing and threat reduction. PROMERC has applied naval and military tactics to create layered defence comprising three elements, which interlock to provide a comprehensive toolset.

  1. The first is the online Counter Measures Manual, which is used to evaluate the vulnerability of individual vessels, assess the risk to that vessel on specific voyages and select an appropriate package of counter measures to mitigate the risk to an acceptable level.
  2. This counter measures database also underpins the second PROMERC tool, the Route Planner that provides voyage and vessel specific route optimisation and is used by the company security officer and voyage manager to monitor the fleet and to plan voyages.
  3. The third PROMERC tool is the onboard Counter Measures Tactical Decision Aid (CM-TDA), which is an automated decision support tool to provide seafarers with real time threat assessment and a recommended course of action.

At the MAST-conference a paper about ‘Manouevre advice for merchant vessels to counter piracy threats’ will be presented by TNO.
It gives an overview of the project and elaborates on the Counter Measures Tactical Decision Aid. The three main components of the CM-TDA will be explained: the counter measures advice module, the manoeuvre advice module, and the user interface presenting dynamic situation specific advice. The focus will be on the manoeuvre decision aid, which provides manoeuvre advice when a suspect contact (potential hostile pirate) is detected by the merchant vessel. The three manoeuvres that have been identified in PROMERC are avoid being detected, step aside, and high-speed escape. Examples of these manoeuvres will be demonstrated.