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Promerc latest news

The first PROMERC Newsletter

The first PROMERC newsletter has been published. It appoints the following topics: Collaboration with IPATCH on joint database Layered defence Piracy and the monsoon season Incorporating PEESLE in decision making... Read more

International Conference: “Maritime Security and Offshore Activities: Legal Aspects”

The international Conference took place at Friday, 12 June 2015 (09:00-15:00 h) at the Chamber of Commerce in Bremen, organized by ISRIM in co-operation with the Network of Experts on the Legal... Read more

The Maritime Executive: Two Pirate Boardings in Malacca Straits

Two separate piracy incidents have led the Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia (ReCAAP) to issue a warning to masters transiting the Straits... Read more

The Maritime Executive: African States establish new pirace center

The Economic Community of West African States has inaugurated a maritime coordination center for the most dangerous piracy zone in West Africa. In doing so, the community (ECOWAS) has reaffirmed... Read more

Counter Piracy Training Competencies Model

Competencies is a study that tries to identify and set the relevant associated factors for maritime professionals to perform above a specific status / level during the protection of merchant... Read more

Development of an evolutionary routing algorithm

A network of dynamic assets equipped with surveillance sensors (e.g. radar) operates to keep the vessel traffic in a given region of interest (ROI) under control. The problem addressed in... Read more


The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) is a membership organisation which represents companies working in the maritime security industry and acts as a focal point for global maritime... Read more

Layered Defence

PROMERC will provide a layered approach to planning, routeing & threat reduction. This concept forms part of military doctrine. In the context of protecting merchant ships this encompasses a holistic... Read more

Piracy & the Indian Monsoon

The Indian monsoon has been known and used by mariners for centuries; indeed in the age of sail it shaped the patterns of trade between China and Africa. Now the... Read more


SURPASS (an acronym for SURface Picture ASSessment) is a simulation model, which has been developed by TNO, for the process of maritime surface surveillance. The aim of surface surveillance is... Read more

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