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Engineering Group is the largest Italian player in System Integration with a 7% market share of the 10 B€ Italian market of software and services. Engineering has 6.500 employees, 35 offices in Italy and offices in Belgium, and Brazil and clients in 22 countries. The consolidated revenues for the year 2011 are of 775 million euro. The ENGINEERING Group operates through 7 business units, supported by its Central Office for Research & Innovation, with researchers active in many Italian and international research projects.

Engineering’s Defence & Homeland Security Division benefits from the contributions of 100 IT specialists, with technological and business expertise of international standing and two dedicated operations office, in Rome and Taranto, both with the clearances necessary for the development of projects classified under the security standards required by international protocols. Engineering is one of the major European industrial stakeholders in the implementation of Maritime Situation Awareness systems, providing ad-hoc solutions for Italian Ministry of InteriorCentral Directorate for Immigration and Border Police, the Italian Coast Guard, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Malta Maritime Authority and the Romanian Naval Authority.

Country: Italy

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