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Founded in 1921, Oldendorff Carriers remains fully owned by the family. Each year, Oldendorff carries more than 120 million tons of bulk and unitised cargo, and performs around 12,000 port calls to some 125 countries. On average, Oldendorff operates around 350 chartered and owned ships at any one time. As a truly global volume carrier, Oldendorff serves more load ports and destinations than any direct competitors. Major routes include transits across the Indian Ocean from South Asia and East Asia to Europe and Africa. As a fully integrated shipping company and a volume carrier, Oldendorff transports a wide range of drybulk commodities including ore, coal, petcoke and other minerals, grains / agriproducts, bauxite / alumina, cements / aggregates, forest products, scrap, concentrates and fertilisers. Oldendorff is also a leading seaborne carrier of steel cargoes, with a focus on various kinds of steel products, aluminium as bars or ingots, other industrial metals, pipes, construction material as well as windmill towers and blades.

Country: Germany

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