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The University has recently created the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport which accepted its first undergraduate students in 1998, but now also offers MSc courses. It is located on Chios, the Greek island with a high concentration of ship-owners and shipping businessmen who operate on a worldwide basis. The Faculty is staffed by professors and lecturers with extensive experience in the areas of shipping, trade and transport. The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport includes the following scientific and research areas in its activities: Shipping Technology, Ship Management and Cargo Handling, Transportation Economics, Marine environmental protection, risk management for shipping business. The academic activities of the Department combine engineering, economics and policy aspects, and benefit from work on research and consultancy projects and strong links to local shipping lines and operators, which ensure a practical and up to date approach. The academic staff of the Department has been involved in a large number of national and European research projects focused on maritime transport, search and rescue operations, shipping risk management, environmental protection, regional development etc. The department is an official advisor of Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine in Shipping Policy and Maritime Environmental Protection. It is the main coordinator for several IST project related mainly to Maritime sector (SLIM-VRT, POET, DIAS.NET etc)

Country: Greece

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