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PROMERC Consortium and Stakeholders

The PROMERC project is a consortium working together to achieve the project goals.
It is a cooperation of several disciplines: Industry,Research and Service (click on the buttons/companies below to select and read more).

The PROMERC Ethics Advisory Board (EAB) aims to review the project in order to verify its compliance with Ethical and Human Rights Standards supported by EU. The EAB will support the project development and will be available for members of the consortium. The board serves as an instrument to recommend, assess and develop protocols in order to stimulate human rights awareness and societal consciousness.
The main role of the EAB will be to assess the aspects of the research activities that may raise ethical concerns, particularly those relating with the use of force. In addition, the EAB will provide recommendations. The Board is composed of internal and external experts involved in the field of law, social sciences and environment. Its interdisciplinary nature is considered paramount to assess the various dimensions of the project. In its work, the EAB will collect advices and data from various stakeholders. Please take a look at ‘Advisory’ to view the involved companies.

MARSS Coordinator - Industry

"There are a bewildering number of options available to shipping companies to mitigate the risk of piracy and to deter pirates with scant information regarding their operational effectiveness or the cost benefits of their use, particularly when employed in combination as part of a holistic approach so it is currently difficult for stakeholders to evaluate and compare the cost, benefits and operational effectiveness of different counter measures. PROMERC brings together a very experienced team of mariners, commercial, political, academic, and military entities along with leading research companies and agencies to effectively address this knowledge gap."

'MARSS, Project Coordinator, Huw Davies'

Marine & Remote Sensing Solutions (MARSS) is a technology company providing innovative solutions for risk management and cost reduction for the shipping industry based on integrated sensor observations and data fusion technologies.
MARSS has developed the first fully integrated security and navigation platform for the commercial shipping industry.

Country: United Kingdom

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CMRE Partner - Research

CMRE was formerly known as the NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) and is an established, world-class scientific research and experimentation facility for defence research in the maritime domain. CMRE strives to improve response measures in maritime security operations, including non-lethal weapons through independent evaluation and concepts of use, with dual use in civilian security in counter piracy.

Country: Belgium

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WMU Partner - Research

The World Maritime University (WMU) in Malmö, Sweden is a postgraduate maritime university founded by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. WMU delivers MSc and PhD programmes in Maritime Affairs, with specialisations in the following areas: maritime law and policy, maritime safety and environmental administration and management, maritime education and training, shipping management, port management, marine environment and ocean management, and international maritime transport and logistics.

Country: Sweden

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UoA Partner - Research

The University has recently created the Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport which accepted its first undergraduate students in 1998, but now also offers MSc courses. It is located on Chios, the Greek island with a high concentration of ship-owners and shipping businessmen who operate on a worldwide basis. The Faculty is staffed by professors and lecturers with extensive experience in the areas of shipping, trade and transport. The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport includes the following scientific and research areas in its activities: Shipping Technology, Ship Management and Cargo Handling, Transportation Economics, Marine environmental protection, risk management for shipping business. The academic activities of the Department combine engineering, economics and policy aspects, and benefit from work on research and consultancy projects and strong links to local shipping lines and operators, which ensure a practical and up to date approach. The academic staff of the Department has been involved in a large number of national and European research projects focused on maritime transport, search and rescue operations, shipping risk management, environmental protection, regional development etc. The department is an official advisor of Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine in Shipping Policy and Maritime Environmental Protection. It is the main coordinator for several IST project related mainly to Maritime sector (SLIM-VRT, POET, DIAS.NET etc)

Country: Greece

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SAMI Partner - Service

"The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) is pleased to be a part of PROMERC, a hugely important and significant maritime security project. For too long shipping has been left dealing with the problems of piracy, but without the solutions it needs. Now within PROMERC, partners and key stakeholders are working together to research and develop counter measures which can be applied universally, and which are safe, legal, ethical, effective and pragmatic. PROMERC can deliver on the needs of seafarers, shipping companies and the entire industry, and this is key to protecting shipping and safeguarding global trade."

'SAMI, Elisabeth Wilson'

The Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) is an international independent non-governmental organization for the maritime security industry and a focal point for global maritime security matters.

The SAMI membership is made up of international private maritime security companies from over 35 different nations, as well as equipment, technology and hardware providers exploring technical maritime security solutions.

Country: United Kingdom

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Uniresearch Partner - Service

Since 1994, Uniresearch, an independent grant-consultancy company, has specialised in the startup and management of technology innovations. The company provides high-quality services helping clients find funding opportunities and prepare applications for regional, national, and pan-European grants like the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7) and Horizon2020. Uniresearch’s full services support customers throughout each stage of a research and innovation project: from project definition, through consortium-building and proposal writing, to contract negotiation, project execution, and dissemination of results. In fact, Uniresearch customers enjoy a success rate for European grants that is three times higher than the average.

Country: Netherlands

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TNO Partner - Research

TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research – TNO) is one of the major contract research organisations in Europe. With a staff of approximately 3500 and an annual turnover of 580 million Euros, TNO is carrying out research in order to achieve impact on the following seven themes: Healthy Living, Industrial Innovation, Transport and Mobility, Energy, Built Environment, Information Society, and Defence, Safety and Security. TNO functions as an intermediary between basic research organisations and industry. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO contributes to the innovation capacity of businesses and government. TNO is involved in many international projects, including EU-funded collaborations. The Blue Mining project is part of the TNO activities under the theme Energy, and will be powered by the Maritime & Offshore department located in Delft, the Netherlands.

Country: Netherlands

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EII Partner - Industry

"Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (EII) is very happy to participate in the PROMERC project as this allows us to get to know people, ideas, rules and traditions coming from the European merchant ships world. EII people have undertaken this work with grate enthusiasm that will allow them to increase their cultural background. Within PROMERC, EII will develop a knowledge base and counter measure manuals that will collect the information needed to represent all the elements and factors identified, by the project partners and stakeholders, to give support in the challenge against the piracy."

'EII, Sergio Funtò'

Engineering Group is the largest Italian player in System Integration with a 7% market share of the 10 B€ Italian market of software and services. Engineering has 6.500 employees, 35 offices in Italy and offices in Belgium, and Brazil and clients in 22 countries. The consolidated revenues for the year 2011 are of 775 million euro. The ENGINEERING Group operates through 7 business units, supported by its Central Office for Research & Innovation, with researchers active in many Italian and international research projects.

Engineering’s Defence & Homeland Security Division benefits from the contributions of 100 IT specialists, with technological and business expertise of international standing and two dedicated operations office, in Rome and Taranto, both with the clearances necessary for the development of projects classified under the security standards required by international protocols. Engineering is one of the major European industrial stakeholders in the implementation of Maritime Situation Awareness systems, providing ad-hoc solutions for Italian Ministry of InteriorCentral Directorate for Immigration and Border Police, the Italian Coast Guard, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency, the Malta Maritime Authority and the Romanian Naval Authority.

Country: Italy

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OLDENDORFF Partner - Industry

Founded in 1921, Oldendorff Carriers remains fully owned by the family. Each year, Oldendorff carries more than 120 million tons of bulk and unitised cargo, and performs around 12,000 port calls to some 125 countries. On average, Oldendorff operates around 350 chartered and owned ships at any one time. As a truly global volume carrier, Oldendorff serves more load ports and destinations than any direct competitors. Major routes include transits across the Indian Ocean from South Asia and East Asia to Europe and Africa. As a fully integrated shipping company and a volume carrier, Oldendorff transports a wide range of drybulk commodities including ore, coal, petcoke and other minerals, grains / agriproducts, bauxite / alumina, cements / aggregates, forest products, scrap, concentrates and fertilisers. Oldendorff is also a leading seaborne carrier of steel cargoes, with a focus on various kinds of steel products, aluminium as bars or ingots, other industrial metals, pipes, construction material as well as windmill towers and blades.

Country: Germany

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Human rights at sea Advisory Board

"Human Rights at Sea, as an independent maritime human rights charity is delighted to be working with PROMERC on the Ethics Advisory Board in support of the global shipping industry to develop the PROMERC project in order to assist securing ships and also protecting crews and their human rights. This also includes an advisory role on the lawful use of force based on the development of the 100 Series Rules for the Use of Force."

'Human Rights at Sea, CEO, David Hammond'

Human Rights at Sea is a Registered Charity in England and Wales No. 1161673 which has been established for the benefit of the international community for matters concerning explicit engagement with human rights issues in the maritime environment. Its aim is to explicitly raise awareness, implementation and accountability of human rights provisions throughout the maritime environment, especially where they are currently absent, ignored or being abused.

Country: United Kingdom

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A.P. Moller-Maersk Group Advisory Board

Relevance to the PROMERC-project: Maersk is a key end user, representing the best practice in the shipping industry

Maersk is a global conglomerate with 108,000 employees in 142 countries.
Maersk’s shipping companies provide comprehensive coverage of the world’s need for cargo, oil and gas transport, terminal services and on-land logistics.
The energy-related business units include drilling and platform service companies, as well as one of the world’s leading independent oil and gas firms.

Country: Denmark

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International Maritime Bureau Advisory Board

Relevance to the PROMERC-project: The ICC maintains definitive records of piracy

ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) is the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce. Based in London, CCS is a membership organisation tasked with combating all forms of commercial crime. The specialist divisions that comprise CCS offer a range of services dedicated to meeting the individual needs of the members. Together, they tackle all types of commercial crime; fraud in international trade, insurance fraud, financial instrument fraud, money laundering, shipping fraud and product counterfeiting.

Country: United Kingdom

To the website of ICC

European commmission Joint Research Centre Advisory Board

Relevance to the PROMERC-project: The EC funds JRC to carry out research in related areas

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the European Commission’s in-house science service which employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to EU policy.

Country: Italy

To the website of the EC Joint Research Centre


NATO Shipping Centre Advisory Board

Relevance to the PROMERC-project: NSC is the primary point of contact for the exchange of merchant shipping information between NATO's military authorities and the international shipping community

The NATO Shipping Centre (NSC) is the link between NATO naval forces and the merchant shipping community. Permanently manned by NATO, the NSC is the primary point of contact for the exchange of merchant shipping information between NATO’s military authorities and the international shipping community.

Country: United Kingdom

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NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Centre Subject Matter Expertis

Relevance to the PROMERC-project: NATO Centre of Excellence for counter-piracy operations training

NMIOTC’s mission: “To conduct the combined training necessary for NATO forces to better execute surface, sub-surface, aerial surveillance, and special operations activities in support of Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO).”

Country: Greece

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