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PROMERC Workshop in Malmo, Sweden

Two days of meetings were held at WMU Headquarters (Malmö) in relation to the PROMERC project, including a two-day workshop held on 15 and 16 May, as well as the Ethics Advisory Board (EAB) meeting on 16 May.

Day one of the workshop focused on piracy counter measures including evidence to date, proposed ways forward, assessment of CM utility, cost benefit logic, and an introduction to various scenarios. Day two focused on political, economic, ethical, social, and legal issues (PEESLE analysis), along with Stakeholders workshops. Individuals from 12 different organizations participated in such workshops.

The Ethics Advisory Board also made its meeting at Malmö, in order to start performing its tasks.


The consortium:

Consortium_Malmo_May 2014_small

The Ethical Advisory Board:

Ethics Advisory Board_May 2014_small