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SURPASS (an acronym for SURface Picture ASSessment) is a simulation model, which has been developed by TNO, for the process of maritime surface surveillance. The aim of surface surveillance is to establish and maintain a Recognised Surface Picture (RSP). The general objective of SURPASS is to provide insight into the means required for picture compilation (the types and number of surveillance units, the types and ranges of sensors), and the way to deploy these means (tactics). SURPASS provides the necessary tools to analyse surface surveillance and can support all kinds of operations such as embargo enforcement, search and rescue, fishing inspection, surface warfare, and counter-drug operations.

Although the objectives of SURPASS are different than those of PROMERC, there are several algorithms in the SURPASS model that can be reused within the Onboard Tactical Decision Aid that is being developed as part of PROMERC. An example is the ‘avoid being detected’ manoeuvre, which is generated by the Onboard Tactical Decision Aid when a possible pirate is detected. For the calculation of this manoeuvre , we can reuse the SURPASS algorithm which is used to keep a surveillance unit out of the (possible) weapon range of a detected contact.

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